learn how to eat to support your active lifestyle.

Weight loss messages, supplement encouragement, and mixed messaging around food sustainability make healthy eating more complicated than it needs to be leaving athletes confused at best, and under-nourished at its worst. Most athletes severely under-estimate the calories they need to support their activity level. 

By working with me, you’ll learn how to eat to support your active lifestyle. We’ll work together to tailor your needs to improve your energy levels, support your metabolism, and improve your relationship with food. I take an individualized approach by really digging into your lifestyle, motivations, and struggles.

Do any of these resonate with you?

   Your food choices often feel good or bad and you know that you’re current eating patterns aren’t working.

   You know eating more would help you build muscle, but you’re not sure how much more.

   You think weight loss might help your performance, but you’re not 100% convinced

   You’ve tried everything to avoid the runner’s trots, but you’re still popping a squat on far too many runs.

   Your energy level is low, and historically you’ve attributed it to your full schedule, but you wonder if there is more going on.

   You may know what would improve your nutrition, but you’re having a hard time implementing actual strategies and holding yourself accountable. 

Nutrition coaching can help you!

Services overview


This 8-10 week program is personalized to your needs and lifestyle. It includes:

   60 minute initial video appointment

   3x 45 minute follow up video appointments (bi-weekly)

   Custom Nutrition Plan

   Weekly text-based check-in between appointments


Best used 1-2 months out from your key event to allow time to practice fueling during training. It includes:

   60 minute initial video appointment

   Custom Fueling Plan

   One check-in email 4 weeks after initial appointment

Not sure if we're a fit?

Are you interested in satiate nutrition services but aren’t sure if we are the right fit? Book a 20 minute discovery call with Hayden to discuss your goals and pain-points.

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