The 411 on Supplements – Regulations and Risks

Whether or not they realize it, most athletes incorporate at least one supplement into their diet. Supplement regulation is a bit confusing, and there are absolutely potential risks with using them. Get in the know. Questions regarding supplements are some of the most common nutrition questions I receive. Unfortunately, the benefits of many supplements are …

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How Athletes Can Optimize Sleep

Learn the importance of sleep and how to optimize by creating a nighttime routine to reduce stress, improve energy and athletic performance. Sleep is necessary for human function, but what about athletic performance? Very little research investigates sleep deprivation and athletic performance. However, current literature points toward reduced athletic performance with sleep loss, and performance …

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How Antioxidants EffectAthletic Perfomance

Antioxidants are a hot topic in the sports nutrition world. Because they can reduce exercise-induced inflammation and strengthen the immune system, many athletes turn to supplements for an extra boost, but research is conflicted in that regard. By gaining some knowledge on antioxidants you can find the right balance to maximize performance. What Are Antioxidants? …

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Carbohydrates for Athletes 101

In the ketogenic diet craze era, there’s a plethora of misinformation regarding the total health benefits of carbohydrates as well as their necessity for optimal athletic performance. Whether you’re a CrossFit competitor, a boulderer, or a marathon runner, consuming carbohydrates will absolutely maximize your athletic potential. Dietary carbohydrates are actually not required by the body …

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